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To fight the fomo in 2019 I made the week's lessons festival themed to bring a bit of that Worthy Farm magic to the mathematics classroom. A mention from BBC 6 Music's Lauren Laverne when everyone was missing Glasto in 2020 sparked a little interest from {mathematicians}∩{fans of the world's biggest and best green field festival} so all of the Mathstonbury resources will be shared here for teachers and students to join the party. As always, I'd love to see how you get on so please share using #Mathstonbury. One love.


Perfect Pitch

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Glasto! 


Joy of joys you've got the whole festival ahead of you.


There is, of course, no fun without mathematics though so welcome to the first challenge of the festival - pitching your tent.

Download to use in lessons:


Work through the challenge:


Packed with Goodness

Your tent is pitched, your Glasto home is almost ready. Before you head up Glastonbury hill to take in the enormous wonder of it all and wallow in the mounting anticipation, you’ve got to conquer the lowlight of any getaway: unpacking.


Don’t be down though, proper packing makes for a well-supplied weekend so dragging your rucksack for miles from the coach gate will be worth it when Sunday comes and you’re the cleanest queen in the campsite, wanting for nothing.


Yes, this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ve got baby wipes and toilet roll for days as well as the potential for outfit changes at Gaga level frequency. Now it’s just a matter of fitting all that clobber in the tent…


Glasto Sunset.jpg

Download to use in lessons:

Work through the challenge:


Crowd Control

Wow, you really are in luck – not only have you got yourself to Glastonbury, you’ve wound up at Glastonbury ’95!


That means the introduction of the Dance tent, Oasis are playing the Pyramid stage and though the Stone Roses have pulled out last minute they’ve been replaced by Pulp – so much 90s goodness, you lucky thing!


On account of all this, we can expect the crowds to be bigger than ever before. Your next challenge is to investigate how the site will need to be adjusted in order to accommodate the throngs of bucket-hat clad Gallagher fans heading for the farm.

Download to use in lessons:


Work through the challenge:

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